8 October 2019

Games To Improve Child's Strategic Thinking

There are a lot of cool games available on the internet nowadays for your children to play with. A lot of these games are actually highly beneficial in the sense that they improve the way in which your child thinks strategically. This is because they help them to think on their toes, to become better at problem-solving and to be more efficient. You should encourage your child to play the games mentioned in this article because they are the best when it comes to improving strategic thinking…

Ben 10: Cannonbolt Strikes

In this game, your child will play Ben 10 who is inside a cannonball. Your child has to move the ball effectively around a platform – picking up diamonds along the way. Nevertheless, it’s not as easy as that; because there are enemies placed around looking to shoot the ball. Moreover, you need to avoid falling off of the platform as well. This aids your child’s quick thinking and they need to have a solid strategy to make it to the end.


This is a game that is more suitable for older children. It is recommended for anyone who is 13-years-old or above. It is definitely recommended you visit 4rsgold.com if you are planning to play this game, as it enables you to enjoy Runescape Gold. This game is a multiplayer online role-playing game, which is in the fantasy genre. There is a lot of kingdoms, cities, and villages, and you play with others, so there are plenty of opportunities for critical thinking.

Scooby Doo: Creepy Castle

In this game, your little one will get to play Scooby Doo and they will have to find the rest of the gang who are hidden in a creepy castle. The only problem is that there are lots of ghosts around. Thus, whilst trying to find the gang your little one will have to pick up objects e.g. a plank of wood, in order to seal a door shut to keep the ghosts out. This improves strategic thinking because your child needs to be clever when thinking about how to use the objects they pick up by being effective and efficient.

Gumball: Elmore High Jigsaw

Jigsaws are always great when it comes to improving strategic thinking because your child needs to think about how they are going to fit all of the pieces together. This requires forethought and clever planning.

Tom and Jerry: Trap-o-Matic

This game is all about carefully planning and having a solid strategy. Your little one will play as Tom and will have a box full of tricks; such as a moving kid’s train. These all need to be used in order to create an effective path whereby Jerry will be trapped. Thus, your little one will begin with a mousetrap and then use their box of tricks in order to create a way to Jerry. If one thing is out of place, then the trap won’t work.The games mentioned in this article are all great when it comes to improving your child’s strategic thinking. Each game is linked to a different popular cartoon and thus your child is assured to enjoy at least one of the cool games that have been mentioned.


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