2 January 2019

The Year Was 2019….

So Ablokeseyeview.co.uk is officially 4 years old now, we believe it’s gone from strength to strength. Last year we decided to change the direction of the blog focusing more on gaming and tech, It has received great feedback from techies, gamers and close friends. The only feedback was – We need more! So this year we are pulling out all the stops to get epic content out there.

What can you expect??

Interviews #ABEVmeets

We will be interviewing some amazing people in the gaming/tech community. Getting to know them, what their best gaming memories are and literally anything they want to share with us and our readers!

Visits #ABEVvisits

We are venturing outside! Visiting some great gaming venues and who knows what else!? We will even come round your house if you are making the brews! (Yorkshire Tea only and in a proper mug)

Reviews #ABEVreviews

Expect reviews from anything gaming and even tech related! We will be reviewing games as we play them, NOT as they are released.. unless we play them when they are released… obviously! 

And There Is More!

A whole new look in terms of branding across all social media and streaming platforms and that’s right, our own ABEV Stream Team – Bringing you some of the best and possibly worst on stream banterthons . 2019 is our year and we are going to smash it! So make sure you are following us on ALL our social media pages and on Twitch so you don’t miss out.

If you are interested in working with us, hit us up at ablokeseyeview@gmail.com – We are always looking for amazing opportunities!

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year.


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