16 November 2018

Make Your Cheap Car Look Expensive

A cheap car doesn’t have to look cheap. With a few small improvements, you can give you cheap car a luxury look that will make you prouder to drive it, whilst even potentially adding value to it. Here are just a few tricks for making your car look more expensive.

Get your car detailed

Detailing your car can make it look brand new again. This involves getting your car professionally cleaned and waxed. Most professionals will clean the interior and the exterior and they’ll know exactly which products to use on your bodywork to give it a sheen without damaging the metal. You can find detailing companies such as Ultimate Finish online. It is possible to do your own detailing, but it can be a time-consuming job cleaning your car to a professional level, plus you’ll need to be certain you’re using the right products when waxing and polishing.

Refurnish the interior

You may be able to make modifications to the interior to make it look more expensive. Leather seating can often provide a luxury look – it’s possible to buy luxury car seat covers from Shear Comfort that slip over your existing upholstery. You may also want to consider buying new floor mats and even new pedals and steering grips.  

Invest in a personalised number plate

A personalised number plate could immediately help to give your car a luxury look. You can buy affordable personalised number plates from PrimoRegistrations and other dealers online. Changing a number plate can be a bit of hassle – you’ll need to inform various people including the DVLA and your insurer – however it’s worthwhile for the novelty.

Fix up those dents and scratches

Any signs of minor damage on your car’s bodywork will immediately bring down the value. Consider paying to get these fixed up. Whilst some bumps and scratches can be expensive to repair, many smaller ones are often very cheap to get rid of. There may even be DIY methods of getting rid of these blemishes – you can sometimes get rid of dents with a plunger of a vacuum cleaner, whilst toothpaste is known to be an effective remedy against small scratches. There are some mechanics that specialise in bumps and scratches such as companies like Chips Away. These specialists may charge less than a regular repair centre.

Replace the tyres

A fresh set of tyres could also make your vehicle look more expensive. You could even opt for a luxury brand of tyres. This won’t be cheap, but it could be needed if all your tyres are fairly worn. You can shop for tyres online at sites such as My Tyres – here you’ll find a vast range of tyre makes to choose from. Avoid buying partially worn tyres – whilst these will save you money, they won’t give your car that expensive feel, plus you’ll have to replace them sooner.


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