26 November 2018

Broken Witt Rebels UK Tour

So over at Ablokeseyeview headquarters, we are massive fans of all type of music, Hip-Hop, Metal, Rock, Country and even some Reggae, we are always chatting about music in our WhatsApp group and love coming across artists, bands who one of us like and the other have never heard of before.
Sometimes we like each other's choices and sometimes we just slag each other off and say what is that crap you have just sent me.
Carl is more into his UK Rap and Dan loves guitars, drums and most things with a metal vibe. He also loves playing these instruments as well and recently reviewed his Marshall Code 25 Amp on the blog. 
We have joked about starting our own band... Obviously, I will be the lead singer and backup dancer, With my moves, vocals and face I think we have a bright future in the music industry ;)
All joking aside, we do love music and along with Tech and Gaming, we will be trying to fit in on the blog whenever we can. 
So in this post, I would like to introduce a band who both like. 

Broken Witt Rebels

Their music is a heady blend of blues, soul with wailing guitar and deeply emotive vocals, brought to you by.
 Danny Core (vocals)
James Tranter (guitar)
Luke Davis (bass)
James Dudley (drums)
They are an award-winning UK outfit and have been busy building their profile with a series of EPS and after them receiving a good response and their music video Guns almost on half a million views and regular set opener Low which has been featured as Tack Of The Week on Radio X UK  they are touring the UK and will start on Thursday the 29th of November in London and then ending on the 22nd of December in Birmingham. 

For their full tour date list please follow the link HERE

And for A sneak peek of their music then check out the video below.


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