29 November 2018

Why Start A Hobby Up In Martial Arts?

Looking for a new hobby? Why not try a martial art, there are lots of types to choose from, all of which offer different kinds of training and techniques. However, there are things that they all have in common, and if you’re thinking of starting a martial art- here are some of the benefits.

It’s great for fitness

As with any kind of sport, all kinds of martial arts are great for physical fitness. As well as providing an intense cardio workout, the individual moves help to build and sculpt the muscles. It can improve balance, flexibility and overall endurance. It can help you become more nimble and lighter on your feet, and generally improve your overall physical health. If you’re looking for a hobby that helps to keep you in shape, martial arts training is definitely one to consider. We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic, a huge proportion of us as a society are carrying too much weight, and a lack of exercise is one contributing factor. Martial arts is a fun way to get you up on your feet, burning calories and using your body- great for losing excess weight or maintaining a healthy BMI. And best of all, it’s a full body workout.

It has numerous mental health benefits

Martial arts is known for both its physical and mental health benefits. It’s linked with reduced stress and better decision making, along with more focus and better mental clarity. Life can be fast paced and chaotic at times, we all experience stress in one form or another. An outlet to get rid of restless energy as well as learning techniques to deal with it better is always going to be a good thing.

You’ll meet like minded people

One of the great things about hobbies is that they bring like minded people together. We all know how difficult it is to meet people as an adult, as we’re generally around the same groups of friends or work colleagues most of the time. By taking up a martial art as a hobby, you’re meeting people that you already have at least one common interest with. It’s a fantastic way to mix with others and get to know new people.

You can improve your self discipline

Making the right decisions in life is important. Sometimes we have to do things even if we don’t want to, and avoid things we do want. This helps to keep us safe, healthy and happy in the long run. Being able to resist temptation and having the ability to get things done, even when you don’t want to is always going to benefit you in life.

You’ll boost your confidence

Confidence enables you to get out there and tackle whatever life throws at you, without being held back by insecurity. A sport like martial arts helps to give you confidence in your abilities, along with improved fitness and wellbeing it can all add up. If you’re lacking confidence, take that first step and book a class. It can be daunting, but when you’ve been a few times and know the ropes you’ll quickly get into it, and it could end up being the best thing you’ve ever done.


7 Amazing Gift Ideas For Men

Photo by Erin walker on Unsplash

With less than a month to go until Christmas Day, it’s time to start thinking about getting your Christmas shopping all wrapped up. Whilst some people may be easy to buy for, there is always one person that you NEVER know what to get.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 7 amazing Christmas gift ideas for men:

A Gift Voucher To Their Favorite Store

If you’re really stuck on what to buy, you can’t go wrong with a gift voucher to their favourite store. With this option they can go out into the sales and buy whatever they want, meaning there is absolutely no way to disappoint.

A New Console And Games

If you have a higher budget, why not treat them to a new console and some games? During the holidays there are often lots of great deals on consoles, making it one of the best times to buy.

Chances are the person you’re shopping for won’t have every console that’s out yet, so do some digging, find out what they’re missing and surprise them with hours and hours of fun. Whether it’s a Nintendo Switch, the new XBOX or a PlayStation 4 - they’re going to absolutely love it.

A Brand New Watch

If you’re shopping for someone that loves fashion and the finer things in life, you can’t go wrong with a brand new watch. Whether you’re shopping for Armani men's watches or something a little cheaper, it’s a great gift that will be sentimental for years to come.

A Whiskey Giftset

If they’re a lover of fine whiskey, why not get them a stunning whiskey gift set? Around this time of year, there are often gift sets that include limited edition glasses available online and in most major supermarkets. Whilst the whiskey won’t last forever, the glasses are a great keepsake present.

If you’re struggling to find a whiskey giftset you think they will like, they’re often available with vodka, gin and beers too. Whatever their tastes are, you’ll be able to find something.

A Leather Wallet

Another great idea if you’re stuck what to buy is a new, good quality leather wallet. If you want to make it extra special, you can get it personalised with their name or initials.

An Aftershave Giftset

The Christmas season is a great time to purchase the gift set versions of aftershave. Not only do you get more for your money, but often you’re able to get items (like moisturiser and aftershave balm) that aren’t available all year round.

An Action Camera Or Go Pro

If you’re shopping for an adventurer or traveller, nothing will beat an action camera or Go Pro. These cameras will allow them to video all of the incredible things they’re doing, including underwater and extreme sports.

Whilst Go Pros are expensive, there are many cheaper alternatives available on Amazon.

What are you buying the men in your life for Christmas this year? Did we miss anything off the list? Let us know in the comment section below!


26 November 2018

Broken Witt Rebels UK Tour

So over at Ablokeseyeview headquarters, we are massive fans of all type of music, Hip-Hop, Metal, Rock, Country and even some Reggae, we are always chatting about music in our WhatsApp group and love coming across artists, bands who one of us like and the other have never heard of before.
Sometimes we like each other's choices and sometimes we just slag each other off and say what is that crap you have just sent me.
Carl is more into his UK Rap and Dan loves guitars, drums and most things with a metal vibe. He also loves playing these instruments as well and recently reviewed his Marshall Code 25 Amp on the blog. 
We have joked about starting our own band... Obviously, I will be the lead singer and backup dancer, With my moves, vocals and face I think we have a bright future in the music industry ;)
All joking aside, we do love music and along with Tech and Gaming, we will be trying to fit in on the blog whenever we can. 
So in this post, I would like to introduce a band who both like. 

Broken Witt Rebels

Their music is a heady blend of blues, soul with wailing guitar and deeply emotive vocals, brought to you by.
 Danny Core (vocals)
James Tranter (guitar)
Luke Davis (bass)
James Dudley (drums)
They are an award-winning UK outfit and have been busy building their profile with a series of EPS and after them receiving a good response and their music video Guns almost on half a million views and regular set opener Low which has been featured as Tack Of The Week on Radio X UK  they are touring the UK and will start on Thursday the 29th of November in London and then ending on the 22nd of December in Birmingham. 

For their full tour date list please follow the link HERE

And for A sneak peek of their music then check out the video below.


16 November 2018

Make Your Cheap Car Look Expensive

A cheap car doesn’t have to look cheap. With a few small improvements, you can give you cheap car a luxury look that will make you prouder to drive it, whilst even potentially adding value to it. Here are just a few tricks for making your car look more expensive.

Get your car detailed

Detailing your car can make it look brand new again. This involves getting your car professionally cleaned and waxed. Most professionals will clean the interior and the exterior and they’ll know exactly which products to use on your bodywork to give it a sheen without damaging the metal. You can find detailing companies such as Ultimate Finish online. It is possible to do your own detailing, but it can be a time-consuming job cleaning your car to a professional level, plus you’ll need to be certain you’re using the right products when waxing and polishing.

Refurnish the interior

You may be able to make modifications to the interior to make it look more expensive. Leather seating can often provide a luxury look – it’s possible to buy luxury car seat covers from Shear Comfort that slip over your existing upholstery. You may also want to consider buying new floor mats and even new pedals and steering grips.  

Invest in a personalised number plate

A personalised number plate could immediately help to give your car a luxury look. You can buy affordable personalised number plates from PrimoRegistrations and other dealers online. Changing a number plate can be a bit of hassle – you’ll need to inform various people including the DVLA and your insurer – however it’s worthwhile for the novelty.

Fix up those dents and scratches

Any signs of minor damage on your car’s bodywork will immediately bring down the value. Consider paying to get these fixed up. Whilst some bumps and scratches can be expensive to repair, many smaller ones are often very cheap to get rid of. There may even be DIY methods of getting rid of these blemishes – you can sometimes get rid of dents with a plunger of a vacuum cleaner, whilst toothpaste is known to be an effective remedy against small scratches. There are some mechanics that specialise in bumps and scratches such as companies like Chips Away. These specialists may charge less than a regular repair centre.

Replace the tyres

A fresh set of tyres could also make your vehicle look more expensive. You could even opt for a luxury brand of tyres. This won’t be cheap, but it could be needed if all your tyres are fairly worn. You can shop for tyres online at sites such as My Tyres – here you’ll find a vast range of tyre makes to choose from. Avoid buying partially worn tyres – whilst these will save you money, they won’t give your car that expensive feel, plus you’ll have to replace them sooner.


13 November 2018

3 Hobbies That'll Help You De-Stress In No Time

Pretty much everyone suffers from stress these days - especially if you’re working full-time and juggling loads of other commitments. So, I think it’s good to have a hobby or two that can take your mind of normal stressful things and make you feel more relaxed.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few hobbies that will help you de stress quickly:

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Running (or walking)

Running is a great hobby as it enables you to stay fit and get in those all-important active hours. But, it’s also great if you’re feeling very stressed. Going out for an hour run is a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air. Pop your headphones in, listen to a podcast, blast some tunes, and just drift off as your legs keep pumping. You’ll feel more energized, and you’re doing a lot of good for the health of your body as well. If you don’t like running, or perhaps the thought of running for an hour is too much for you, then walking is just as good. It’s the same thing, only less intense and less on the fitness side.

Binge-watching a TV series

Probably the most leisurely hobby you can try is one that involves literally laying in bed relaxing. That’s right, binge-watching TV series is definitely a hobby in my eyes! It’s something you can do when your bored or stressed, and you get that feeling of relief as you jump out of your life into different fictional worlds. To make things even better, this hobby is easily accessible to everyone. You’ve got standard subscription streaming services, and then you have other ones that are targeted more at niche things. If you have an interest in something like anime, then there’s a website out there for you to binge-watch loads of different shows. If you love reality TV, then there’s a website that has loads of those shows on - and so on. Basically, you can de-stress by laying down, grabbing some snacks, and just enjoying a good show for a few hours.

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Reading books

Finally, we have an old school classic hobby; reading some books. I think reading is easily one of the best hobbies any guy can have - for our own personal development more than anything else. You will learn loads of new things when you read books, but it takes you away from the usual stress in your life too. Fiction books are excellent at doing this and transporting you into an entirely different world that you can get lost in for hours every day. Non-fiction books are better at educating you and really training your mind. There are loads of self-help books out there that are perfect if you’re incredibly stressed and want to try and re-structure your life to sort things out.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed or burdened with stress, then think about one of these three hobbies. They’re not exactly difficult to do, and you’ll be pretty amazed at how quickly they help you get rid of stress and feel more relaxed.

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