24 July 2018

A True Family Holiday

The summer holidays are already here, again! Believe it or not, we still remember breaking up from school and thinking - YES! No school for ages! It was then all about staying up as late as possible gaming with your mates, sleeping in until some ridiculous time and consuming so much sugar and crisps you eventually get the shakes.

Summers are slightly different now, albeit we still stay up as late as possible gaming! We now have families and although its probably the most expensive time of the year to get away, you can't beat a holiday with the family in the sun.

Image courtesy of http://www.siampark.net

I think it's about right to say that both families need a holiday, it been an eventful 2018 so far! When we say families, we also mean families. It's not about the adults wanting to get away and have a break sitting in the sun all day whilst the kids entertain themselves. It's about showing your kids the world and having an amazing time together.

So when you get to your destination, your first thoughts should be (unless you have already planned ahead) where are doing as a family on the holiday? where are we going? Not, where is the closest supermarket to get some wine and beer?

We think one of the best things about a holiday is definitely going to a decent water park like Siam Park in Tenerife. Enjoying sitting back on the rapids in a dingy with the family, to flying down the Kamikaze and hopefully remembering to tie your swim shorts - you don't want to be scaring the locals :)

Obviously, its fine to have a drink but don't let it interfere with the holiday you went on as a family, look forward to the early morning brekkie on the balcony or the epic breakfast buffet at the hotel without a hangover!

If you feel like you need a family holiday now check out https://www.holidaygems.co.uk/ and if you have been to an epic water park, share it with us in the comments below! 


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