28 June 2018

What To Do... What To Do?

So this year is a big year for me (Dan) I am getting married to the love of my life. Its an extremely exciting time, there is so much to plan and I am not going to lie.. it's stressful! So of course I drafted in my best man (Carl) to help me with the Stag do! It might not be the biggest thing that needs planning but I will only be doing this once so It's got to be fun.

To start with we just looked at different places within the UK over and over again but nothing stuck. We were looking for a vibrant city with lots to do and could provide a great night out, one of the place that kept on popping up were Newcastle.

Now the problems were, where are we staying? where are we going to eat? Where is the beer? but not only that I wanted some epic deals. I come from a smallish town where drinks aren't pricey, so when I go out in the city I feel like I need to take out a mortgage! We were looking around loads of sites, different bars, restaurants but it wasn't impressing me. Just menu after menu, we were looking for a happy hour etc...

We were looking for the best deals on things to do in Newcastle,We found some amazing deals on Groupon which really fit the type of stag do I wanted. We found beer tasting sessions at Brew Dog, Pool sessions with amazing food and at a decent price. No matter what Stag/hen do or party you are looking to arrange in a big city I strongly recommend checking out Groupon. Especially if you are trying to do it on a budget, you can get some pretty deal on higher end places for the price of the lower end.

I honestly cant wait for the Stag do now, its going to be an amazing night out. If any of our readers have any tips on planning a stay over night out on a budget please leave a comment below it might just help others!

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