7 August 2017

Summer Holiday At Home

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer so far and have managed to squeeze in a few good BBQs.
I know half of my Facebook friends have been because that's all I'm seeing on my timeline and do you know what? I'm mega jealous.
Usually, I'm not only jealous type but when it comes to food, BBQs and the fact that everyone is jetting off abroad I will make exceptions
I'm not bitter or anything...but I do hope it rains for you and that the weather here in Yorkshire is scorching hot! 

We - as in myself and my family - did have a little summer holiday planned but due to a few financial complications and had to cancel it.  It wasn't a huge, massive holiday but it would have been brilliant to just get away, relax on the east coast and spend way too many pennies on slot machines and donuts.

But it wasn't to be.

Instead, we have decided to spend the time at home finishing off a few jobs that need doing around the house - in particular in the garden - so even though we won't have the seaside or the sea we can at least spend a little quality time together outside at home in the sun. 

I've actually been slowly, slowly doing the odd bits in the garden over the last few years but hopefully, this year will be the year it gets finished. 

And if it does then we thought we might celebrate by having a little party - but don't hold out for an invite because we never get any visitors anyway - so all the brilliant BBQ food is going to be eaten by myself, Simone, Charlie and Willow - and possibly by some of Charlie's mates who are usually hanging out in his bedroom playing computer games.

The food this year is going to be a little different to usual though because myself and Simone are both attempting to stick to a diet right now so we will be searching out some nice recipes to try soon too. 

Every year we always talk about having a party or a BBQ but we never do, mainly because we didn't even own one a BBQ until recently and even now our nice little family of four sized one isn't really party appropriate.

I honestly could do with a bigger one, but right now it isn't on the "I can afford this..." list - but you can always dream, right.

And whilst we are talking about dreaming of a perfect BBQ, check out this one in the little video below...

Badger Ale recently held a huge competition right across the U.K., and the winner won the Ultimate BBQ Shed, featuring two beer fridges, a BBQ tool rack, and of course a state of the art BBQ. 

I think it has got to be everyone's dream garden accessory, hasn't it...I know I'd prefer to live in that than in my own house.


And whilst you sit and drool at that, remember - any healthy BBQ tips, feel free to send them my way in the comments section below.



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