2 March 2017

Luxury Watch Trend 2017

Trend Watch 2017: This year’s best timepieces

For me, I think one of the greatest gifts you could possibly buy someone - or yourself - is a luxury watch.
A eeally nice watch is both an investment and a point of pride - they are fashionable, they are beautiful and they are practical – and an amazing watch will make a terrific present for both men or women.
And 2016 actually sa2 a change in "favourite" watch styles - watch buyers became a lot more interested in simple, uncomplicated designs and technology.
But what would YOU select and why?
Here are three ideas of timeless timepieces that could be bought for a special someone or, of course, be kept as a treat for yourself...well that's if you have a spare bit of cash lying around because some of the watches that catch my eye when surfing the net are quite pricey to say the least.
And if I ever did splash the cash on a beautiful, luxury timepiece I'd have to make sure I looked after my investment well with some watch insurance.

Watch trends for him

The Minimalist Choice – Longines Master Collection L2.718.4.70.3

This is a dress watch that is sleek, sophisticated and designed to effortlessly mimic the designs found in the 1940’s era, with its crocodile strap details it is a beautiful example of a minimalist timepiece.

A watch like this will go with any smart or smart casual outfit, especially a nice, sleek, blue suit and brown shoe combo - well that's my opinion anyway.
The Longines Master Collection 38mm has a twenty one jewel automatic movement and is water resistant to 30m with a 38mm sapphire glass case.
This is a watch that has as much sensibility as it does dress appeal - the silver elements contrast with the brown strap beautifully, creating an accessory perfect for a winter formal occasion such as an office party.
Priced at £2,200 and up, visit the Longines site for more information.

The Diver’s Choice – Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black

I've mentioned a few times in older blog posts about my love for a full black timepiece and this watch strengthens my love for them.

While this watch will not suit everyone’s budget, it really is a beautiful piece of engineering that will certainly be appreciated by anyone who dives.
It was new in October 2016 too, so to have it would certainly mean the owner would be one of the few sporting such a beautiful design.
It is a bold, all-black watch that can take on 600 metre dives thanks to its ceramic construction and is inspired by the dark side of the moon - these watches are out of this world when it comes to durability and technical achievement - yet having prices starting from £7,000 it is certainly for serious divers only.

The Trendy Luxury Choice – BreitlingNavitimer in blue

Breitling is synonymous with quality, and nothing has changed over the years. However, many watch trends in 2016 seemed to have prized blue faces – with little surprise, as blue is a versatile colour that matches virtually any outfit.
The Navitimer men’s watch is a delightful instrument that looks absolutely spell-binding on any man’s wrist. It captures attention immediately and is a favoured timepiece for pilots and aeronautical experts alike. The mechanical chronograph is crafted in Breitling’s workshop and is a true technical marvel. Available from £5,999.

Watch trends for her

The Minimalist Choice – Montblanc Tradition

The Montblanc Tradition is a masterpiece in 36mm. It’s a simplistic piece that features a classic guilloche dial with Roman numerals and a small date function. Uncluttered and unassuming, but engineered to offer the finest level of quality. The watch also has 30 metres of water resistance and comes with a beautiful strap. While it’s unisex, this is a piece that will suit a businesswomen looking for a clean, elegant dress watch. Prices start at £930.

The Diver’s Choice – Oris Diving

Oris Diving watches perfectly capture the sleek trends of 2017, with a bold black face on a sturdy metallic strap. Built for diving first and foremost, the watch offers 300 metres of water resistance and is engineered specifically to fit a women’s wrists. The model has an immaculate display with a sapphire crystal watch face. Swiss-made movement completes the watch – a truly dependable diving model that does not compromise on quality.

The Trendy Luxury Model – Chanel Boy.Friend

In the fashion world, Chanel reigns supreme. One of the most instantly recognisable, sought-after brands on the planet, Chanel speaks of quality in a way many watches can never hope to.

This boyfriend model features a diamond bezel and a sleek black strap that complements the simplistic face. It’s a modern watch for a modern woman – but is adorned with the type of luxury you’d expect from a fashion leader.
Prices start from £3,200 for the non-diamond version and £5,700 for the one pictured.

Sleek, sophisticated and low-key is the name of the game for 2017. Even if you don’t have the money to afford these luxury brands, learning from the styles and features they offer can guarantee you make a good purchase on whatever brand you choose.



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