19 December 2016

It's Christmas Time

When it comes to Christmas I am a little bit of a grump, Scrooge, Grinch, whatever you want to call it.

I don't hate Christmas or anything like that but I just find it hard to get into the spirit, which I'll admit is quite strange with me having two kids.

I think the problem is that because I do a lot of hours at work and work right up to Christmas Eve so it means I don't really get involved in telling Santa what my kids have asked for and me and the wife never bother with any gifts for each other because we like to make sure Charlie and Willow get spoilt rotten.

Charlie's at the age now where he's asking questions but will not say Santa isn't real just in case he wakes up to no presents - but he knows - and Willow is a bit too young to understand it all at the moment but I'm sure that will change very soon.

I was recently looking back at old blog posts and came across one I posted last Christmas featuring a so called "Christmas jumper" and I was quite ashamed of myself - it was really bland, it looked boring and it really got me thinking that things needed to change, I need to try be a little bit more festive.
So this year when Boohoo Man got in touch with me wanting to collaborate on a Christmas jumper post I thought this would be the perfect time to show that I do have a little Christmas Spirit inside somewhere. 

The campaign was based around what jumper type are you and Boohoo have put together a small quiz (which will be at the end of this post) which, after answering all the questions, will tell you which style of jumper is best for you.

I took the quiz and the jumper style for me is"Fun" which is actually 100% accurate and I can prove it by showing you the Christmas jumper I have been wearing this year already,  

I have posted a fair few pictures of me wearing this jumper on my social media already and it went down a treat, just check out some of the reply's from my Twitter followers,

What do you think of my jumper?

Would you wear it?

Please take the quiz and post in the comments section What Christmas Jumper You Are.


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