21 December 2016

A Family In Sync

One of my highlights of 2016 was starting up our family Youtube channel, BakerBunch

It was started with the idea in mind that in the future we could look back at all the crazy, fun stuff we got up to, and could have loads of memories right there in film form of kids growing up. 

If you have ever watched one of our videos then I'm sure you will notice how close and how easy going we are.
Myself and my wife try to give our kids everything we can and we really do spoil them rotten, but not in the way that our kids are spoilt brats - they aren't - and they don't moan or whinge when we say "No" to something - and when I say "kids" obviously right now I just mean our 11 year old...whilst I should be saying Willow is too young to understand the concept right now, well I can't -  our little diva will certainly kick off if she doesn't get her own way and we're expecting major tantrums because she's already showing signs of doing it already.

Good luck to us then.

I wouldn't say we really have any set rules as a family either - there are some but we don't have a strict bone between us, but because we choose to live like this it makes our little family run like clockwork and it works perfectly for us.

Myself, Simone and Charlie are definitely in sync with each other.

It shows in everything we do really - when it comes to our morning routine I think we could do it all with our eyes closed it runs that well...and to be honest I am that tired sometimes whilst I'm doing my bit I think I actually have done it with my eyes closed, especially on those mornings that begin with Willow standing up in her cot at 4am, shouting (literally shouting too) at us because she wants to go downstairs to play.

So what do we do?
Well lets say that Simone takes Willow down, I follow shortly after once I've had a quick wash put my work uniform on.
I bypass them both in the room, head into the kitchen, fill the kettle up, make Willow's milk and get our coffee on.
I give the kitchen a wipe over and a sweep up, then take the milk to Simone who has changed a nappy and has Willow waiting for her "Di Dee" (it means a lot of different things at different times of the day but at 4am, it means milk).

I feed the cat, pour the brews and take them into the room - Willows usually had enough milk and cuddles by now and is busy playing -  great timing for Mummy because she can now have her brew. 

This little routine is something we have done every day for the last 14 months and even before that we had a slightly different one to get us all to work and school on time.

Our timing is impeccable even if the roles are reversed and we are definitely in sync with each other. 

And then I leave for work and it is time for Mum and son to be in sync with each other, because Mum needs to get herself, Willow and Charlie up, cleaned, fed and dressed in a certain amount of time.

Charlie is amazing with his little sister and she adores him so much, so when Mum needs a little time to chop up the fruit or make the porridge in he steps and withour arguing does an amazing job playing with and looking after Willow. 

He knows when and how long he's needed for and Simone doesn't even have to ask him, he just comes into the room and sits with her and doesn't moan - he loves helping out.

Even little things, like when we popped to a carvery for a Sunday lunch it works like clock work too.
We go in, find our seats, Simone gets a little plate full for Willow and when shes gets back, myself and Charlie will get our food and then I sit with and help Willow whilst Simone grabs hers and then we alternate between eating and helping Willow.

Such little things to most but everything just flows so smoothly and we don't even need to talk it all through, its just happens.

We are definitely a family in sync and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we are so close and spend so much time together.
It's not often that Charlie will sleep out and nobody ever asks to take him out, even just for the day, to spend time with him so he has become really comfortable just being with us.
And Willow, well she's 14 months now and nobody has ever asked to take her out at all - not for the day and certainly not to sleep...no quality time for me and Simone...but to be honest we don't care, we'd rather them both be with us anyway.

Obviously that has made us closer as a unit and we are that in sync with each other I reckon we could give the F1 teams a run for their money - we all know how in sync they have to be with each other, one false move in the pit, once false piece of communication could cause major disaster or injury.

So look out  Mcalrean, RedBull and Mercedes - if you are looking for a new team, one who are 100% in sync with each other then you better give The Baker Bunch a call! 

Check out the video to see the importance of being in sync in Formula 1

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  1. What a lovely insight into your family! And i know the feeling when kids don't know any better just yet. My little girl has just turned 2 and it's becoming hard word! All in a good way, but boy am I tired!

  2. You certainly sound like a tight little crew! It sounds like you've got things working really magically between you. That's an enviable balance!


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