28 August 2016

Autumn Jackets Every Guy Should Jump On

Autumn Jackets Every Guy Should Jump On

 Autumn is fast approaching and with the heat letting up, it's finally time for jacket weather. It's can be a bit difficult in the summer sun to properly wear the fashionable layers you want, but the moment the weather cools everyone's ready to embrace what's arguably the year's most fashionable season. These are just a few of the jackets that every man needs to start this autumn in style.

Bomber Jackets

You might have already heard, but the bomber jacket is kind of a big deal this year. It's one of the biggest trends of the season and there are a wide variety of takes on the classic military coat to help you make sure you look original while staying on trend. A sampling of those diverse styles is on display at Vogue. From traditional military surplus jackets to colourful designer prints and fun fabrics, the runways are providing plenty of options for guys in need of a stylish new coat.

Down Jackets

After being spotted on the style radar last fall, the down jacket and vest is also making a comeback for 2016. The peerless puffy coat was first spotted being sported by popular rappers, and now the '90s mainstay coat is officially back. Simultaneously warm and lightweight, this jacket is a must-have for fall and winter. Lyst is highlighting a variety of down jackets right now, from slick and shiny full-coverage coats to matte sleeveless vests, ensuring that there's a perfect look for just about every dude in down.

Denim Jackets

It might not be obvious, but the denim jacket has come back in a big way in 2016. But the greatest thing about the jean jacket might be its versatility. As pointed out by Real Men Real Style, the jean jacket is a three-season piece that also satisfies three of the most important qualities of good clothing: being attractive, functional, and timeless. Try pairing up a denim jacket with a button-down shirt for the perfect balance of business casual and rock 'n' roll.

Leather Biker Jackets

There are few things that look cooler than a rugged, black biker jacket. Whether you actually have a motorcycle or not, this jacket immediately raises your toughness factor by at least double the moment you put it on. A style staple since the 1950s, it's hard not to look great when you're channeling your inner James Dean. Like the denim jacket with more of an edge, the biker jacket is both timeless and practical, perfect for the fall or even warm winter days. Plus, it's nearly impossible not to look impressive when you rock your biker jacket with a clean white tee, good pair of jeans, and a tough pair of boots.


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  1. Hahah I've only ever used Down Jackets when winter climbing in Scotland, it's funny to think they're fashion pieces now!

  2. Great piece! I'm seriously (it's a bit sad really) obsessed with bomber jackets this year. So they're definitely a must! x


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