15 December 2015

How To Scrub Up For Work / Guest Post

How To Scrub Up For Work
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These days there is a very thin line between on call and off, between your work attire and that which you’ll slob about in on a Sunday.  The work environment is slowly becoming more relaxed, true, it’s more acceptable now to rock up to work in a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. But are gents at risk of becoming too comfortable?
Many guys would say this casual approach puts them instantly at ease and gives a feeling of comfort, essentially improving their performance in the workplace. There is however a time and a place because how you dress still leaves a lasting impression.  Below are a few essential top tips to get any guy scrubbed up for work, both mentally and physically, covering from the minute you leave the door in the morning to crashing onto the sofa come home time.
The Morning Commute.
Whether you drive for 15 minutes, walk for 40, take crowded public transport or bike like the great green human being you are, there is always a way to switch up your morning routine to ensure your day starts off on the right note. Because let’s face it if it doesn’t you’ll be pouring coffee down your neck for the following 7 hours.  How you appear to others starts right now; if you’re that guy with the untucked shirt, tangled headphones, odd socks and toothpaste in his beard, how will anyone take you seriously?
First step: get yourself a new bag. I recommended a briefcase above any other style. Why? Because they were designed for one specific purpose: sufficiently storing your work documents. Everything will now have a place. Your oyster card can be easily stored in a smaller front pocket, ready to be called upon as required. No more checking every pocket on your body like a mug. You’ll also have the choice of allowing the briefcase to hang across your body. You now have two hands free. One for coffee, one for changing your music when Snow Patrol comes on, because you’re over that period of your life right now, it’s behind you.
Get yourself a colourful scarf. Think I’m mad? I know your girlfriend’s been moaning at you for ages to get a scarf because she saw Ryan Gosling in one once and never looked back but I have to agree with her this time, they really do add an element of sophistication.  Seriously though, a great addition to your dark winter overcoat is a pop of colour and pattern. Chose the right one and you’re instantly drawing people in. It’s a certified way to give off a smart/causal feel. Not to mention you will be warm. I’d advise you go bold when choosing your scarf, if you decide to go for a dull colour that will get lost in your coat you’re defying the point.
In the Office
You’re well and truly into work mode now, after a stress free, organised and trendy commute to work, you’re feeling good. If your job includes regularly meeting with clients, I imagine you often question what is acceptable attire.
We know times are changing but this does not mean that the suit has died completely. Wear your suit without a tie. Get more mileage out of it by dressing it down slightly by wearing a crewneck knitted sweater rather than shirt and cravat. Polar necks are another great option and currently very trendy, meaning come Friday when the jacket comes off you’re ready for drinks with the boys. Efficiency is key to gent life.
Constantly running back and forth? Wireless headsets offer you the ability to run on-foot errands without rushing back to your desk to grab that phone call.  You can freely go about your business without the worry of missing a beat.  A purely particle investment, lines are clearer cutting out time wasted on ‘can you please repeat that Miss.’ Not to mention the fact you’re going to look the part. Every dedicated business guy should be talking hands free, taking notes as he goes. You’ll be on fire.
What’s going on below? It’s time to ask yourself if you’re still wearing the same pair of kicks every day since you started at the office. Seriously if you’re answering yes, I’m glad you’re still reading. It’s time to broaden your footwear options. Yes, classic lace-ups are still, and I imagine always will be, office-appropriate. But so are less conventional shoes such as, a leather slip on, leather trainers and suede boots. I’m a big fan of a nice desert boot, they come in variety of colours and styles, giving off a smart look but still casual enough for Saturday attire. Not to mention they’re incredibly comfy.
The leather trainer is certainly a trend of recent months so find yourself a nice example with a white sole and see how good you look. This is totally appropriate with the dress down suit style.
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The Mad Rush Home.
Your day has been full of efficiency, you’ve achieved everything you needed to and organised yourself accordingly. I imagine a few folk have complimented the new scarf and made admiring glances toward the polar neck. Don’t throw it all away now by rushing home to play video games. Twice a week minimum I’d suggest you incorporate a health regime into your weekly routine.
Perhaps go swimming, if heavy gym hitting isn’t your thing. They say that even the smallest amount of exercise will drastically change your mental well-being. Clear your body and your mind will follow. Not to mention the change you will feel in your energy levels. A good work out should de-stress you and clear the mind, allowing for a much deeper night’s sleep. Ready for the morning when it’s back to the grind again but this time, you’re so ready.


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