As with anything to do with Fashion, men’s Fashion and style have changed dramatically over the decades, there have been many changes in the making of clothing, how clothing is worn, and also how men accessorize their outfits too. There is also a significant change over time in the way in which men groom and style their hair as well (aside from hair problems read more- a comparison article). From influences such as movie stars and sporting heroes. To trends that people pick up and run with. And right the way through to the catwalks. There is always something different to look at and choose from when it comes to Fashion for men. It hasn’t always been as simple as picking what you want and wearing it. And in 2019, clothing is becoming much more relaxed and comfort-based. However, there is still a large portion of the population that watches closely and chooses based on the brands they love and advertising and sponsorship, here is a brief history of Fashion for men and how things change over time.

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In the early 1900s, Fashion was more to do with social standing and wealth. Top hat and tails, with turn-ups, were the signs of a well-to-do person. Men would wear three-piece suits as standard when needing to look particularly smart, and not only because there is a meeting or a wedding to attend. Comfort may not have been at the forefront of these options, but a waistcoat and trousers with a matching coat really showed how people cared about what they wore. Creativity other than a slightly different colour suit or a different way of tailoring this suit really didn’t become part of the equation for quite some time after this. Luckily we are in a much better place, and many men are choosing to wear much more bold, creative, and comfortable clothing know.

A little further into the timeline of men’s Fashion in the 1920s, following the war, there were plenty of jackets cargo clothing, and button-down shirts coming to the forefront. Inspiration taken from newsreels and magazines and men were considering taste more so during this time. It’s worth noting that the popular TV series peaky blinders is set around this time, and while they’re all clearly wearing suits to a degree, flat caps and different materials such as wood and overcoats and bowties, with watch chains, became a classic look. Clothing in the 1920s for men indeed became more about comfort without leaving the style behind. Although Fashion didn’t necessarily move too far away from the three-piece suit, some of the patterns and colour of the fabrics used during this time most definitely became bolder.

Men’s Fashion took a dramatic turn during the 1930s and 40s with Hollywood films and American tastes becoming quite significant, “friends“ and ideas became quickly shared via magazines and movies. Suddenly men became more interested in Fashion, and using film stars as inspiration for what they wore. Men finally became comfortable with the idea that passion and what they wear is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show them to be individuals. No longer so much about stature and wealth, and definitely more to do with personality and ideas. With knitted tank tops, canes, and a range of different hats to choose from, the suits from old times continued to clothe men through the 1930s, but with added flair and personality, plus the option to dress down for those important dances and dates. Shoes also became a big thing around this time, with brogues and other leather offerings becoming more unusual, and standing out from the crowd.

Moving out of the 1940s and into the timeline of 1950s, menswear sees a fantastic transformation thanks to artists such as Elvis Presley. Leather jackets and T-Bird style collars, Men around this time seemed to relax into a workwear style. Jeans were in, and three-piece suits were out of the equation for anything other than formal events. James Dean and, further down the line, bands such as The Beatles brought a whole wardrobe of inspiration that was not only stylish but accessible to all men no matter their income. Add some grease to the hair, and a pair of sunglasses, and you’ve got the beginnings of “cool“ attire. When style became iconic and exciting to many.

The whole point of the 60s was freedom with random neckerchiefs, and even open colours and shirts with chest hair becoming a common theme. The whole point of the 60s was freedom, and alongside the women of the 60s, the men weren’t going to be left behind with the choices of attire this time. Casualwear became more unusual than before, but much more beige, and yellow matched with brown trousers became popular. It seemed as though the 60s were a time for experiments, and this extended right through Fashion as well as music and other forms of entertainment.

Looking at the 1970s, all trends and fashions seem to go out of the window, and flares matched with huge colours and Afro hairstyles became the in thing. Anything seemed to go in the 70s, including wild patterns on polyester shirts, or even random miss matching knitted suits with flamboyant neckerchiefs, and even open collars and shirts with chest hair became a common theme. We may look back in the 70s and laugh, but it opened up a whole world of ideas and creativity that has long continued into the early 2000s. Fashion became more accessible than before, and people that had not even thought about what they wore beforehand were quickly becoming a fashion icon.

As time passed and we reach the 1980s and 90s the idea that men had little choice when it came to Fashion was long gone, and catwalks and Fashion shows heavily featured men’s clothing, from some crazy neon creations in the 80s, with influences from artists, and big brands come into the forefront such as Hugo Boss and Gucci. The choice was much more significant than ever before for people. This opened up a new playground for all the men who like to become creative with their outfits. And allowed the opportunity to stand out more.

Fashion in the early 21st-century so far has been as eclectic as ever, with influences being shared by the Internet quicker than you can see new trends, and information is transferred faster than ever before, it's challenging to keep up at times. However, Jeans, as they have been since the 50s, are still featured heavily in many men’s wardrobes, and men can choose to be as casual or formal regardless of the occasion as they like. Creative people and everyday people I know able to collaborate and come up with some fantastic ideas. And with gender-neutral garments, designs on simple T-shirts With whatever you choose, it’s quite easy to accessorize, with hats and designer glasses with minimal effort. In 2019 it seems as though Fashion from the whole of history can be dipped into as inspiration to create any outfit you desire.

Ultimately we are fortunate to live in an age where we have so many options available, the creativity and past experiences to draw from, it’s not always easy to think of what to wear, but having the Internet at our fingertips will undoubtedly improve our chances of finding something suitable. We can really go as wild as we like when it comes to Fashion now and it’s important to remember that around personal style is exactly that and nobody else needs to have an opinion.

Fashion and style are both important to men, but it’s hard to know where we’re supposed to begin. You might see a classy outfit in a store, try it on, and find that it doesn’t look as good on you as it does on the mannequin. Being outshined by an inanimate object is an embarrassing feeling, but the truth is that you might be approaching fashion and style in the wrong way. You don’t have to fit into somebody else’s concept of a stylish man. You have to find a look that works for you. So, if you’re trying to find the right aesthetic, these are the considerations every stylish man has to make.

What’s the right grooming routine for me?

This is one of the first questions you should answer. Your natural appearance has a big effect on your overall look. A clean-shaven face gives you more options in terms of your head hair, but you might want a beard to give your face some definition and maturity. It’s just important that you keep your beard well-groomed, whether you opt for stubble or a full mane of facial hair. Being stylish is all about taking pride in your appearance. It’s about taking the time to cultivate your look. Allowing your beard to grow out is fine, but you should have some sort of grooming routine to keep your hair in check. Get yourself a proper grooming kit to ensure you can maintain a good appearance.
If you have messy head hair, you should keep your beard short and neatly-trimmed. If you want a big and unruly beard, you should keep your head hair neat and well-trimmed. That’s the rule, in general. Combining messy head hair and facial hair doesn’t look like an intentional style; it just looks as if you couldn’t be bothered to shave or get a haircut. So, depending on your beard preferences, just make sure you keep your hair neat and stylish. This makes it clear that you put time and effort into your grooming routine. That’s the only thing which really matters when it comes to keeping your face looking neat and trimmed.

What’s missing from my wardrobe?

Next, you should focus on your fashion options. As mentioned in the introduction, this can be a tricky topic for many men. Remember, however, that nobody is born with an innate ability to be fashionable. Even creative people have to spend time cultivating the perfect look and figuring out what works for them. So, that’s what you need to do. You just need to take some time to figure out what makes you feel comfortable and confident. For starters, you should get some stylish accessories. A good watch can bring an outfit together. Some cufflinks on your shirt could transform a suit that would otherwise be bland and ordinary.
A little bit of flair can really benefit an uninspiring wardrobe. Focal points don’t need to be purely aesthetic, of course. Your statement pieces can have substance. A pair of shoes, for example, could be a statement piece. You might want to check out these men's sneakers. They could make your outfits more vibrant and engaging. As we’ll discuss later in this post, you don’t need an expensive outfit to look stylish, but a splash of style and class can transform your attire in a powerful way.

Do my clothes fit properly?

Accessories are important, but fashion involves much more than that. You need to consider the fit of your outfit if you want to be stylish. Consider the example given in the introduction. Many times, when you try on an outfit that looks worse on you than it does on the model, the problem is that it doesn’t fit properly. Yes, it might feel comfortable, but that doesn’t mean the fit is right. You should take every fashion purchase as seriously as buying a new suit. You want your outfits to have a tailor-made look. Well-fitted clothing looks good because it’s clear that you put time and effort into picking out the outfit.

Your clothes don’t have to be tight; they just need to accentuate the natural shape of your body. Slim jeans and a well-fitted T-shirt could look incredibly stylish, for instance. Maybe baggy jeans and T-shirts will become fashionable again in the future, but the well-fitted look is popular in the present day. So, ask yourself whether your clothes fit properly if you want to improve your wardrobe this year. You don’t have to get rid of loosely-fitting clothes. A baggy T-shirt could be worn with a well-fitted jacket, for instance. Style is all about intentions. Make it clear that you’ve thought about the way your clothes look on you.

Is this stylish or simply expensive?

You should ask yourself this question before buying an outfit. It’s easy to tell yourself that the price tag on a piece of clothing means something, but expensive attire can still be unfashionable. It’s more important to find your own look, as will be discussed further in the next point. A cheap outfit could be more effective if it suits your individual style and preferences more than a pricier option. So, focus on the substance of an outfit rather than its price. That’s the key to being fashionable. It’s a consideration worth making before you buy any item of clothing.

Am I content with my look?

Linking back to the introduction, your happiness is crucial. There’s no point in trying to conform to somebody else’s ideal of the perfect look if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable or even suit you. And, a big part of what makes an outfit “suit” somebody is how it makes them feel. If you’re uncomfortable in the clothes you wear, you can tell and everybody else can tell. You need to focus on your own preferences. It might take some time because you might be happy in tracksuits (not that there aren’t stylish tracksuits on the market). Just remember that stylishness can only be achieved by enjoying yourself. You need to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with the person staring back at you. Your self-esteem massively contributes to how fashionable you look and feel.


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Clothing can cost a lot of money over time, and as each season comes and goes, your bank balance will only suffer more when it comes to fast fashion. However, there’s a way of getting timeless pieces that can last longer than just a few months. Here are some tips to help make your clothing last.

Buy More Quality Pieces
Spending money on clothes is something we all need to do at various points in our life. For some, it could be once a year, and for others, it might be as often as every few weeks. However, it’s important that no matter how frequently you are buying clothes, you’re buying quality pieces. Quality pieces don’t have to mean that they are more expensive, but it does require you to buy clothing that’s durable and made out of good material. Always look at every item of clothing, regardless of what store you’re in. Test the fabric by giving it a quick feel and think about whether you’ll be able to wear this with a number of pieces already in your wardrobe.

Wash Your Clothes Less
Over time, washing your clothes in a washing machine is going to wear them out. Particularly if they are not hugely durable or you’ve got them on a vigorous wash cycle. To save your clothing, you may want to think about washing your clothes less. Not every item of clothing needs to be worn once and then washed. Some pieces like jeans, for example, can probably be worn a fair few times before needing to be put in the washing machine. Just be more conscious of how often you’re doing it and where you can, lower the spin cycle rate to a more gentle setting. 

Think Timeless
Timeless pieces are those that will never go out of style, no matter how many seasons go by. Think crisp white shirts and denim jeans, leather boots, and A-line coats. Even though men’s linen clothing is on-trend, it’s also worth it to have a range of clothing that doesn’t need to be part of a trend and can be worn with other on-trend pieces. There will always be items of clothing that are timeless to wear, so get these into your wardrobe!

Use Protectors On Leather
Leather is one material that can become worn after it’s endured certain weather conditions. To help stop this from happening and preventing the demise of your leather jacket or shoes, ensure you’ve got some sort of protector on it, whether that’s in the form of a spray or wax. Just like you would with your car, it’s important to protect that base layer as much as you can. And with leather being fairly expensive, it’s worth getting something that will help it to last that little bit longer.

The more sustainable we can all be when it comes to clothing, the better. Every item that ends up getting thrown away is only going to waste and if anything does tear or rip, then try to fix it or give it a bit of an upgrade with your own DIY skills. 

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