So we have made it into 2020 and the blogs still live!

I say this like its a big shock but actually, it is because in 2019 I didn't post that much at all and I did question myself and asked myself quite a few time, should I even bother with it next year?

In December my Go Daddy domain was due to expire, I had to do a lot of thinking and actually have to come to a decision whether I was going to continue or not.

Thankfully, after a lot of thinking, we came to the decision that we would keep it going and not only keep it going, we would try and push on with it and try to make a real go of it.

Around the same time last year, we wrote a post about what was going to happen with the blog in 2019 and that we were going to take it down a more tech and gaming route. Even though we had some massive plans and did produce some really good posts, we just didn't get the interaction we wanted and this is mainly because of the blog is more known for its lifestyle, fashion and male grooming posts and that's what our following was used to.

2019 wasn't a total loss for us with content creating and even though we weren't keeping up with gaming and tech-related post on our blog, we have teamed up with the guys over at Thumb Culture. We will be reviewing games and creating content for them, well this will be done more by Dan! So if love all tech and gaming related then I'd advise you to definitely check them out.

So what's the plan for Ablokeseyeview in 2020? Well, basically we want to take it back to where we were in 2017-2018 and go back to what we were doing then, creating posts which hopefully our followers want to read and hopefully relate to. 

We will be trying to publish at least one post a week, we are not sure what days best to publish but that's something we will be looking at and for the first time in 5 years of blogging, we will be looking at how to improve our SEO and looking at other ways to promote our post, so any tips would be 100% be appreciated 

We are also going to try to improve both of our health and wellbeing and we possibly may blog about it too, we are thinking if we keep track on it through blog posts, it will help us keep track on how we are doing and may help keep us motivated.

Also, our blog photography is something we want to improve on, whether it is fashion shots or even product shots and even our lifestyle post photos because photos are one of the main things which draw me into a post.

I think on our last few fashion-related posts our pictures came out quite well, so hopefully, more of that and us trying to be a bit more adventurous with product shots.

Social media is something we also what to improve on, for the first 3 years of my blog, our Twitter grew really well and our Instagram did ok but over the last few years its hasn't done too well, So any hints or tips will be grateful... Please Help!

We are open to suggestions on what you would like to see in the blog and we are hopeful that we can gain the confidence to getting the YouTube channel back up and running, with products reviews and blogger days out to events and stuff like that. 


Gaming has changed a lot over the last few decades. When we think back to our SEGAs and Gameboys, to the very first Playstation and then the travesty that was the (thankfully) short-lived Gamecube. Though you might love the nostalgia that comes with the vintage consoles, the future is bright when it comes to gaming. We’ve seen innovations that have changed the way we game and revolutionised the industry. But what’s coming up in the world of gaming, and what are the newest inventions we’re itching to get our hands on? Read on to find out…
Voice Recognition
Can’t be bothered reaching for your controller? No problem. Voice control has been around for a while, but the gaming industry has finally caught up with the likes of Siri and Alexa. Now you can activate your console, manage your social media, and search the web, all by simply talking to your gaming system.
Ultra-high Graphics
If you’re gaming on the go, you don’t want to be focussing on fuzzy graphics. The resolution of modern gaming systems, whether it’s your phone or your system at home, can really make or break your immersion in a game. And, if you game when you’re out and about, that’s the last thing you want. Check out the best gaming phones you can get so you’re not held up by poor-quality graphics. Also, look for 4 Things You Need for Gaming on the Go if you’re really into taking your game worlds with you when you go out.
Virtual Reality
Headsets are available, but there hasn’t yet been a huge drive in the console market for ones which cater specifically to this fully immersive method of gaming. We’re waiting with bated breath though because, once this enters the market, gaming is never going to be the same again. The prospect of fully entering the world of the game, with incredible graphics and 360 views of the landscape, is one we can’t wait to try out.
Wearable Gaming
And, to really bring you into the game, wearable technology to allow your avatar to move as you do is becoming more widespread. Initially developed for sporting companies, the gaming industry has just started to realise the potential this has for them. Imagine if you could actually control your character with your own movements, rather than the click of a button. RealSense technology from Intel is already incorporating similar motion trackers in their games. Using a 3D camera, 22 points of the hand are controlled via every gesture you make. This would have been completely unimaginable in the days of the first Nintendos…
On-demand Gaming

We’re consuming media in a way that wasn’t even dreamt of a few years ago. Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have completely changed the way we watch TV and movies. It surely won’t be long until the games industry catches on and we get on-demand services for games. It just depends who gets there first as to what we end up with. Our fingers are crossed for Intel but watch this space to see what happens. 

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Spending time with your loved ones has got to be one of the most precious things to do but it doesn't happen that often for us. There's always something which gets in the way, most of the time its work, but something always seems to creep up and get in the way. When I say loved ones, I don't just mean family, this also includes friends.

You see me (Carl) and Dan who both run this blog together are best mates and also out partners get on and with also have little ones similar age. We always talk about arranging a little get together to have a laugh and let our hair down but... I'm the last 3 to 4 years this has never happened, even though we live around 20 minutes away from each other. Me and Dan often do stuff blog or gaming-related but as a whole, we just haven't had a chance.

People may think this is crazy but, if they know how busy, our circumstances and a few other factors, then maybe they may understand.

I (Carl) work a stupid amount of hours and whenever there is a chance of overtime I snap it up, Simone works Saturday and Sunday night, so she can earn something to go toward the Bill's after having to give up her own childminding business so she could become Willows carer ,this was the only hours she could do so it doesn't interfere with my working hours and chances of overtime.

Willow had just turned 4 and has never slept out so you can imagine us trying to arrange anything on a night time through the week would be impossible and even inviting friends around to ours on a night is impossible because and a weekend like I said Simone works and gets home just before midnight both days and through the weeks after sometimes a two hour mission to get Willow settled in bed.

I (Dan) don’t necessarily work a stupid amount of hours but I do spend 4 hours a day travelling to and from work. This definitely takes extends the working day! Whenever I have any free time it’s family time. I get home and my routine is to bath Jacob (my son), followed by getting ready for bed. I then have some time playing toys with him, this usually consists of building a new train track. Time is so precious when they are growing up.

After the night time routine with Jacob, it’s time to eat and refuel. By the time this is done and we have eaten it’s almost time to go to bed and get ready for the next day ahead. It leaves very little time within the working week to get together with friends.

To be honest we both wish we could have that family time together, get our families together play games, consume crazy amounts of food and have a great laugh. Realistically at the moment, this is extremely difficult. Despite talking to each other EVERY day we never find the time to meet.

So when we received an email from the amazing people over at giffgaff about the importance of spending time together and that they wanted to send over a party box full of goodies, so we could all get together and spend some quality time together. 

At first, we all became really excited but then came the realisation of how on earth were we going to get both families together and spend some quilty time having a laugh. After a few weeks of trying to arrange time and day well were getting ever closer to to the post-deadline. It just was impossible to arrange, we both just are too busy and had to come up with another plan. 

So a few weeks ago, me (Carl) and my family had a little break planned for the weekend and we headed off to the East Coast, so we thought what a perfect time for us to have a good laugh and take the party box with us and play some games and just spend some quality time together, obviously we put willow to bed first, she would of just wreaked the joint and no games would have been played. 

We were sent a couple of games from a company called Big Potato Games but the one we decided to play was a game called Weird Things Humans Search For and you know what, It was an absolute blast. We all kept taking turns on being the so-called games master whilst the other two go against each other to guess the correct answers to what humans search for. 

Wow, humans do search for some strange and funny things! 

Its was such a good feeling just to sit down together and have a laugh and I've never known all three of us to smile so much, I think the humour of the game brought us a lot closer than we normally are. 

We must have played the game for a good two hours but they could only be one victor! 

Yeah you guessed correct, it was me but I don't think it is because I am the brightest of the bunch, I think it may be because I spend too much time on the internet.

Working with giffgaff on this post has made us both realise one thing - Life is too short not to make time for amazing family outings. Next year we are going to try and change this, with family outings and epic game nights! I mean we both have a geeky side so our wives will have to get used to playing some tabletop games as well.

In collaboration with giffgaff
As with anything to do with Fashion, men’s Fashion and style have changed dramatically over the decades, there have been many changes in the making of clothing, how clothing is worn, and also how men accessorize their outfits too. There is also a significant change over time in the way in which men groom and style their hair as well (aside from hair problems read more- a comparison article). From influences such as movie stars and sporting heroes. To trends that people pick up and run with. And right the way through to the catwalks. There is always something different to look at and choose from when it comes to Fashion for men. It hasn’t always been as simple as picking what you want and wearing it. And in 2019, clothing is becoming much more relaxed and comfort-based. However, there is still a large portion of the population that watches closely and chooses based on the brands they love and advertising and sponsorship, here is a brief history of Fashion for men and how things change over time.

Photo by AP x 90 on Unsplash

In the early 1900s, Fashion was more to do with social standing and wealth. Top hat and tails, with turn-ups, were the signs of a well-to-do person. Men would wear three-piece suits as standard when needing to look particularly smart, and not only because there is a meeting or a wedding to attend. Comfort may not have been at the forefront of these options, but a waistcoat and trousers with a matching coat really showed how people cared about what they wore. Creativity other than a slightly different colour suit or a different way of tailoring this suit really didn’t become part of the equation for quite some time after this. Luckily we are in a much better place, and many men are choosing to wear much more bold, creative, and comfortable clothing know.

A little further into the timeline of men’s Fashion in the 1920s, following the war, there were plenty of jackets cargo clothing, and button-down shirts coming to the forefront. Inspiration taken from newsreels and magazines and men were considering taste more so during this time. It’s worth noting that the popular TV series peaky blinders is set around this time, and while they’re all clearly wearing suits to a degree, flat caps and different materials such as wood and overcoats and bowties, with watch chains, became a classic look. Clothing in the 1920s for men indeed became more about comfort without leaving the style behind. Although Fashion didn’t necessarily move too far away from the three-piece suit, some of the patterns and colour of the fabrics used during this time most definitely became bolder.

Men’s Fashion took a dramatic turn during the 1930s and 40s with Hollywood films and American tastes becoming quite significant, “friends“ and ideas became quickly shared via magazines and movies. Suddenly men became more interested in Fashion and using film stars as inspiration for what they wore. Men finally became comfortable with the idea that passion and what they wear is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show them to be individuals. No longer so much about stature and wealth, and definitely more to do with personality and ideas. With knitted tank tops, canes, and a range of different hats to choose from, the suits from old times continued to clothe men through the 1930s, but with added flair and personality, plus the option to dress down for those important dances and dates. Shoes also became a big thing around this time, with brogues and other leather offerings becoming more unusual, and standing out from the crowd.

Moving out of the 1940s and into the timeline of 1950s, menswear sees a fantastic transformation thanks to artists such as Elvis Presley. Leather jackets and T-Bird style collars, Men around this time seemed to relax into a workwear style. Jeans were in, and three-piece suits were out of the equation for anything other than formal events. James Dean and, further down the line, bands such as The Beatles brought a whole wardrobe of inspiration that was not only stylish but accessible to all men no matter their income. Add some grease to the hair, and a pair of sunglasses, and you’ve got the beginnings of “cool“ attire. When style became iconic and exciting to many.

The whole point of the 60s was freedom with random neckerchiefs, and even open colours and shirts with chest hair becoming a common theme. The whole point of the 60s was freedom, and alongside the women of the 60s, the men weren’t going to be left behind with the choices of attire this time. Casualwear became more unusual than before, but much more beige and yellow matched with brown trousers became popular. It seemed as though the 60s were a time for experiments, and this extended right through Fashion as well as music and other forms of entertainment.

Looking at the 1970s, all trends and fashions seem to go out of the window, and flares matched with huge colours and Afro hairstyles became the in thing. Anything seemed to go in the 70s, including wild patterns on polyester shirts, or even random miss matching knitted suits with flamboyant neckerchiefs, and even open collars and shirts with chest hair became a common theme. We may look back in the 70s and laugh, but it opened up a whole world of ideas and creativity that has long continued into the early 2000s. Fashion became more accessible than before, and people that had not even thought about what they wore beforehand were quickly becoming a fashion icon.

As time passed and we reach the 1980s and 90s the idea that men had little choice when it came to Fashion was long gone, and catwalks and Fashion shows heavily featured men’s clothing, from some crazy neon creations in the 80s, with influences from artists, and big brands come into the forefront such as Hugo Boss and Gucci. The choice was much more significant than ever before for people. This opened up a new playground for all the men who like to become creative with their outfits. And allowed the opportunity to stand out more.

Fashion in the early 21st-century so far has been as eclectic as ever, with influences being shared by the Internet quicker than you can see new trends, and information is transferred faster than ever before, it's challenging to keep up at times. However, Jeans, as they have been since the 50s, are still featured heavily in many men’s wardrobes, and men can choose to be as casual or formal regardless of the occasion as they like. Creative people and everyday people I know able to collaborate and come up with some fantastic ideas. And with gender-neutral garments, designs on simple T-shirts With whatever you choose, it’s quite easy to accessorize, with hats and designer glasses with minimal effort. In 2019 it seems as though Fashion from the whole of history can be dipped into as inspiration to create any outfit you desire.

Ultimately we are fortunate to live in an age where we have so many options available, the creativity and past experiences to draw from, it’s not always easy to think of what to wear, but having the Internet at our fingertips will undoubtedly improve our chances of finding something suitable. We can really go as wild as we like when it comes to Fashion now and it’s important to remember that around personal style is exactly that and nobody else needs to have an opinion.

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